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The Finest Snooker Facilities in Dorset

Two classic snooker tables, the finest West of England 6811 Gold Tournament cloth, steel block cushions, Tournament Champion SuperPro 1G matched balls on both tables and first class LED table lighting. All the facilities for top match play but for your personal enjoyment and with no table charge.

Put your name on the list to play next with whoever is also on the list. This ensures that no-one waits very long for a frame and a fully maintained handicap system ensures that the games are always close.

Five Club competitions each year plus many friendly evenings with other local clubs, keeps your match game fresh. 

Our social events include informal and light hearted evening snooker matches with other local clubs, fun snooker evenings for the members playing unusual formats such as Cricket on the snooker table.

From time to time we also organise snooker coaching sessions with John Hunter who runs the Cuestars Tournaments and  is also a WBPSA registered snooker coach, so that members can continue to improve their game no matter what their age or ability might be

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