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Some Club Rules

We want you to enjoy yourself, but consideration for others is very important too.

In order to preserve our unique ambience Members and Visitors are required to adhere to our accepted standards of conduct and our House Rules to safeguard the enjoyment and use of The Club by all its Members

Dress Code

No collarless tee shirts, manual working attire, or tracksuits. Smart jeans and chinos are acceptable but dirty, torn, ‘distressed’ or ripped clothing are not.

Member's Guests

​Member's can invite a Guest up to a maximum of 6 times in a year and 3 Guests in any year. Members are responsible for their Guests and must accompany them at all times.

Behaviour on Club Premises

​While on Club premises all Members and Visitors are expected to behave with dignity, consideration and mutual respect for each other at all times.  This behavioural norm of the Club encompass all Members, regardless of age, colour, disability, ethnic or national origins, gender, race, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation or social status


​While it is perfectly acceptable for Members and Visitors to consume alcohol while on the premises, this must always be done in moderation. Any Member or Visitor who is considered to be in an unfit state because of alcohol consumption will be asked to leave.



​Under no circumstances will the Club tolerate the consumption of illegal drugs or substances on Club premises at any time. Neither will the Club tolerate the bringing of illegal drugs and/or substances onto Club premises

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